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What can eva do for your brand?

Give you a channel where users create lots of exciting content that you can repurpose in your marketing activities. With our channels, brands can engage in a 2-way dialogue with an audience, and can be based around a #tag or a group of @users. Unlike traditional social media platforms where brands can run one-off campaigns, eva offers a very powerful alternative, as we can re-use and package up the content for your brand to use again.

PetFit case study

In autumn 2015, eva worked with a trainer to develop a series of exercises that benefitted humans and their pets alike. And the results were impressive! After a month on the programme, one user lost 8 pounds… and noticed that her dogs were much happier as well. The PetFit regime was also picked up by newspapers around the country – a fantastic end to an already wonderful year!

Publications covering PetFit: 23
Reach: 10,735,781 readers
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